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Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture Kate Greenberg makes a stop at 21st Century Equipment during a meet and greet event in Yuma, Colorado.

21st Century Equipment staff and CEO Owen Palm had the opportunity to share some time with the Commissioner of Agriculture, Kate Greenberg. Kate spent a portion of the afternoon learning about 21st Century Equipment and some of the latest technology used in Agriculture. Andy Dible, a master service technician at 21st Century Equipment took Kate out for a ride in a new John Deere Sprayer and demonstrated John Deere guidance systems. John Deere AutoTrac increases productivity by being able to cover more ground, reduce overlaps and maximize inputs. Guidance Systems also reduce operator fatigue and improve operator experience.  Andy was also able to show a live demonstration of Remote Display Access. Remote Display Access uses machine telematics to allow for a service technician to access the display from a remote location and assist the operator in the cab with display setup, optimization and troubleshooting.

A Big Thank you to Colorado Department of Agriculture and Commissioner of Agriculture Kate Greenberg for stopping by and learning about the importance of technology in agriculture today.