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March 23, 2020



During this extended period of uncertainty, 21st Century Equipment is committed to keeping our doors open and supporting you throughout the planting season and beyond.   To do so, we are taking every possible precaution to keep our employees, customers and communities safe from the Covid-19 virus.   We are staying current on the situation and taking action based on guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and our State and Local agencies.

In order to continue to serve you effectively and safely we have implemented the following preventative protocols at all of our locations, but we will need your help. 

We are keeping our Parts Department open to serve you.   However, we are severely limiting the number of customers into the store at any given time.  Depending on the size of each Store’s Parts area, that number will vary, but it is posted on the Entrance to each location.  If you find that coming into our store, you are exceeding the posted occupancy, we ask you to wait in your vehicle until a customer leaves the Store before you re-enter.

For all interactions with our Parts Personnel, we ask you to avoid personal contact and to social distance yourself by at least 6 feet.

We are also disinfecting each Parts workstation after EVERY customer encounter.  We ask your patience while we perform this critical step in the prevention process.

If you know what part or merchandise you require, we would be happy to deliver those items to you in the parking lot or leave them in a convenient location for pick-up or ship them to you direct via UPS.

You can also order your parts from us on-line at www.MyJohnDeereParts.com   or use our Dealer portal.   To see how easy it is to use the MyDealer portal see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMxFhdNCuyk  

We are also taking special precautions in our daily interactions with truck drivers and other delivery personnel so that we can keep the freight supply chain running smoothly.

We will continue to provide both in-field and shop repairs.   However, we have locked-down the Service Department for visits by customers.   If you need to visit with a Service Technician, please contact the Service Manager and he or she will arrange a meeting with the Tech in an area isolated from the Shop area.

Prior to vehicles being picked-up on the farm or worked on at the farm we will wipe down contact areas such as door handles, steering wheels, controls and displays to provide added safety.

On Field Service Calls, we ask that you minimize contact with our employee while he is at your location.

Our Service Managers will continue to be your primary point of contact for scheduling, repair updates and delivery.

We will attempt to utilize Service Advisor Remote (SAR) as much as possible to avoid potential exposures whenever possible.

For all interactions with our Service Personnel, we ask you avoid personal contact and to social distance yourself by at least 3 feet.

We have asked our Sales Professionals to limit their time in the Store so that no more than one Sales Pro is in the Store at any given time to limit possible exposures.   When possible, please call your Sales Pro to make an appointment either at our Location or yours.

Regardless of the location of your meeting with one of our Sales Professionals, we ask you to minimize personal contact and maintain a distance of at least 6 feet.

As always, our used equipment can be viewed on our website www.21stCenturyEquipment.net 

We have asked the Integrated Solution (IS) Team to avoid the Store as much as possible and to work from home and out of their vehicle.  They are available for farm visits as needed, but we ask that we use tools such as Remote Display Access (RDA) to minimize potential exposures whenever possible.

When working on a vehicle, the IS Team will take precautions to wipe down all contact surfaces such as door handles, steering wheels, controls, displays and receivers prior to working in the cab.

For all interactions with members of our IS Team, we ask you avoid personal contact and to social distance yourself by at least 6 feet.

We will continue to keep you informed of any additional actions we may deem necessary to reduce the risk of spreading this virus.    We remain committed to providing you 24/7 support as we move into the spring season.

Thank you for your support during this period of uncertainty as we work together to make this a safe and productive planting season.