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COVID-19 Weekly Update  

Week of April 27, 2020

The entire team at 21st Century Equipment is very proud that we have kept our doors OPEN at all 16 locations in Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We will continue to be open with preventative protocols in place.  Click here to read what we are doing by department - Parts, Service, Sales and Precision Agriculture. 


  1. We’re OPEN - All Locations!
  2. We Are Following Guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Our State and Local Agencies.
  3. Contact Us with Questions

Let us work together so that we can stay open throughout this crisis.

Social Distancing:  All departments at all 21st Century Equipment locations are open but we are limiting the number of people in the store at any given time.  Depending on the size of each store, the number of people will vary.  This maximum number is posted on the entrance of each location.  As a reminder, here are the guidelines of social distancing provided by the CDC.  

  • Stay at least 6 feet (about 2 arms’ length) from other people
  • Do not gather in groups
  • Stay out of crowded places and avoid mass gatherings

If You Feel Sick:  All 21st Century Equipment employees are told to stay home if they feel sick.  If they arrive to work with a fever or say they are not feeling well, the employee is sent home.  As our customer, if you feel sick, please reconsider your visit until such time that you feel better.  However, please call or email us anytime with your needs and we will find a way to accommodate you.  Contact your 21st Century Equipment location here.  

Disinfecting Work Areas and Machines:  All 21st Century Equipment locations and equipment are disinfected on a regular basis.   

For example, we disinfect each Parts workstation after EVERY customer encounter. 

For Service, prior to vehicles being picked-up on the farm or worked on at the farm, we will wipe down contact areas such as door handles, steering wheels, controls and displays to provide added safety. 

When servicing a vehicle, the AMS Team will take precautions to wipe down all contact surfaces such as door handles, steering wheels, controls, displays and receivers prior to working in the cab. 

And if you want to come in for a test drive or demo a machine, prior to your arrival, our staff will wear rubber gloves to clean and disinfect the machine hand rails, glass, door handles, steering wheels, armrest control, seats, radio and touch screen displays.  In addition, the staff will make sure that the cabin air filter is clean.

Online Resources to Serve Your Needs: Not everyone is comfortable getting out during the COVID-19 crisis.  Please take advantage of 21st Century Equipment tools to support your needs.

New and Used Equipment can be viewed on our website www.21stCenturyEquipment.net 

Order Parts Online:  Parts orders may be completed using the 21st Century Equipment My Dealer Account Access.  To see how easy it is to use the My Dealer Portal this video offers step by step instructions. You also may go to JDParts Home on the Internet.

To schedule service:  Complete the Schedule Service form on our website.  Also we will attempt to utilize Service Advisor Remote (SAR) to avoid potential exposures, whenever possible.

The Customer Technical Assistance Center (CTAC) is an additional resource.  Click on the CTAC link here, or call 844.421-2822 (toll free) and select option 2 for service then option 1 for technical assistance.  

CTAC Specialists regularly assist customers from all 21st Century Equipment locations by using technology that is connected to all locations at all times and many vehicles while in the field. Our Customer Technical Assistance Center (CTAC) Specialists can answer your questions on a variety of topics, including:

  • General John Deere Vehicle/Implement Settings
  • MyJohnDeere.com Account Support
  • JDLink MTG Administrative Setup and Support
  • Assistance with JD Link Vehicle Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s)
  • John Deere Vehicle Setup, Performance/Utilization, and Support
  • Greenstar Activations and Renewals
  • Basic John Deere Guidance Support
  • Basic John Deere Documentation Support
  • Basic AMS/ISG Technology Support

If you would like to Shop Online click here to access the 21st Century Equipment store for clothing, home goods, new arrivals, deals, parts, replicas and toys.  Mother’s Day is May 10, 2020.  Check out the WOMANS section on our site while there is time!

Coming Soon! Something BIG is coming to 21st Century Equipment in just one week.  We’re going to show our customers and non-customers ONLINE how affordable it is to own a John Deere Compact Utility Tractor as well as other products!  Stay tuned to our social media posts this week!

Thank you for your support during this period of uncertainty as we work together to make this a safe and productive planting season.