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We’d like to recognize the employees who have been nominated for the Deeds Make a Difference program for February.

Employees can be nominated by coworkers, supervisors, and customers for their exemplary behavior:

  • Outstanding display of customer service
  • Key support of another employee
  • Significant contribution to a customer clinic or training event
  • Exemplary job performance or significant training achievement
  • Exceptional community involvement or significant community recognition

We thank all of you for your outstanding efforts!

Fort Morgan

    • Shawn Lindsey
    • Brad Smart


    • Kyle Blochowitz


    • Larry Talbott
    • Dave Hanna


    • Acie Caulkins
    • Ryan Boyer (2)
    • Matt Brekel


    • Diane Holland


    • Kyle English
    • Steve Murphy


      Preston Huser 

    We encourage everyone to continue to be mindful of each other when someone goes above and beyond, and to submit new nominations!