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In recent weeks, there has been some buzz in the industry, on social media, and in public conversations that John Deere Financial (JDF) is exiting the leasing business.   Nothing could be further from the truth.   These rumors are greatly exaggerated and fundamentally not true. 

John Deere Financial is a partner to 21st Century Equipment and a partner to our farmers and ranchers in need of financial tools necessary to the acquisition of equipment.  Recently, JDF did announce some changes to their lease programs that affect the disposal of the leased asset when the lease matures.   Potentially, these changes could modestly impact lease residual values, but the walk-away lease option or the purchase option from JDF at the maturity of the lease is alive and well---now and yes, after the first of the year.  

We look forward to our continued leasing relationship with John Deere Financial and the many ways they continue to help their dealers and end-use customers.   If you have any questions, please stop in to one of our 16 locations and visit with a Sales Professional or your local Store Manager.