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I have this new Gen4 display, in my sprayer, tractor etc. My AutoTrac, section control or documentation was working and it quit. What happened?


Gen4 displays have been around a couple of years but we are seeing them taking on a bigger role in our precision farming practices than in previous years. The introduction of the V2 processors last year has really opened the door for improved functionality. A Gen4 OS looks different, they have different menus, things are in different places. But the one thing that hasn’t changed is they need to be activated if any precision applications are to be run on them. Even if the display is attached to the armrest like a tractor, sprayer or combine. The display needs to be added to the producers account and the precision activations need to be verified/installed. A new display may operate for an allotted demo period, but then quits when the time is up. So, the operator then thinks there is something that has failed on the machine when it really hasn’t.

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Written by:
Darrell Nickal
CTAC Manager