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Issue: I have my target rate set at X.X gpa and it is all over the place. The rate and pressure are both up and down or I can never get up to rate.

Answer: There may be nothing wrong with the machine. It may just be a setting in the rate controller. Sprayer Response should always be checked as part of the troubleshooting but is often overlooked. In all displays from original GreenStar displays to Gen4 displays there is a setting for this. It is adjustable from 1-5 and should be set to a baseline of 3 for most testing & operating.

When running at a steady speed and the rate is low, never reached or takes longer than 4 seconds to reach target try adjusting the system up 1 point. If the rate and or pressure are erratic above and below target adjust the system down 1 point. Several times this year we have helped operators make this adjustment and resolved issues. If you have adjusted this setting without achieving desired results change it back to 3 so that it does not interfere with other testing. Failing to do so could lead to inconclusive diagnostics or misdiagnosis.

All of this can be found in the operators manual. Or you can call CTAC at 844-421-2822 and we can lend a hand.

Here are some screen shots of where this setting is found in each display.

Original GreenStar display (Brown Box)

2600 & 2630 Displays

Gen4 Display