Notes From Owen


To Our Valued Customers and Friends:

First off, let me start by wishing you a happy New Year and thank you for your business this past year. Let’s put the challenges of 2016 behind us and make 2017 a year to remember! As last year ended and we moved into 2017, we have certainly paid for that unseasonably warm weather in October and early November! I’m ready for spring!

Speaking of spring, realistically, now is the time to be developing your plan to control your destiny for the next growing season. A couple of weeks ago, I heard one of the best definitions of precision farming that I have heard yet. This person defined precision agriculture as “the process of making a good farm better”. That’s pretty good right? Learn what practices work and which ones don’t’ on your farm….practices that get you repeatable and consistent gains in yield. But….easier said than done!

So if you are just starting on the precision farming journey, how do you get started? Take baby steps!
First, ensure your equipment can record the field work being performed. Most new John Deere equipment is ready and your older John Deere equipment can be updated. Start with harvest data if you can…’s the easiest to understand and you can grow from there. As you progress down the precision farming path, review your “as-applied” data (planting, crop nutrition and crop protection data). Comparing these “layers” with harvest yield data may start providing you insights….what works best on your farm over multiple years of data. Use that field data to control your equipment to maximize yield and minimize costs with tools like variable rate controllers to precisely manage inputs and sectional controls to minimize expensive overlap.

The final step (and most crucial, in my opinion) in the precision farming journey is sharing your data and results with your trusted advisors….your seed salesman, your fertilizer crop protection professionals, your agronomist, your crop scout and your lender. They already know your operation. Take advantage of their expertise to further refine your plan for next season.

So where do we, as your equipment provider, fit in this precision farming process? We want to help you build your data tool box and assist you in data collection by making sure that tools, such as the Gen4 Command Center™ and the Greenstar™ 2630 Display are operating correctly and recording data as field work is performed. We can also assist you in easily moving the data that you are collecting to your trusted advisors using JDLink™ Connect or Mobile Data Transfer….no USB sticks that get lost….JDLink™ Connect is wireless and provides an easy data transfer pipeline to the John Deere Operations Center where you can access your data anytime and share it with whomever your wish to collaborate with by simply giving them access.

Our Integrated Solutions Specialists are there to help you on the precision farming journey. I urge you to take advantage of their agronomic expertise and equipment expertise to ensure your equipment is ready to execute the plan you have developed. My final thought is that once you commit to going down the precision farming path, that it is a journey, not a destination. As both you and our dealership proceed down this path, we have, and will continue to find new challenges and opportunities, but together we can figure them out!

Here’s to a great 2017!