Deere utility tractors perfect for simple jobs around the farm.

Dec 11, 2017, 12:57 PM

There are plenty of big, complicated jobs on a farm—harvesting, planting, baling.  But sometimes there are less complex tasks that don’t require huge horsepower or may not be suited to large equipment.

A utility tractor from John Deere is the simple solution.  At 50 to 75 Hp, these compact workhorses have enough muscle to handle a lot of jobs around the farm—from blading the yard to moving bales to augering.  Dad can still help out around the farm—or your spouse can take care of some mowing.

With a John Deere utility tractor in your fleet, you don’t have to unhook implements from your larger tractor just to get a small job done.  That saves time and labor.

These utility tractors are simple to operate, easy to maneuver and drive very much like a car.

The cost of ownership on a John Deere utility tractor is extremely low.  There aren’t expensive maintenance requirements; oil changes and filters are not costly.   And you have the service and support of 21st Century Equipment behind you at every step.

Right now you can get a great deal on a one-year lease of a John Deere utility tractor.   See the ad in this flyer.

You might think a John Deere utility tractor is something you don’t need around the farm.  But I know from experience that customers who add one to their farm wonder what they ever did without it.

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