Focus on what you Can Control

Dec 11, 2017, 12:58 PM

As growers in Eastern Colorado, Eastern Wyoming and Western Nebraska, I know we have all cursed the weather a time or two.  No amount of frustration directed toward the weather man, or Mother Nature, has ever produced a drop of rain.  Instead we’ve been forced to evolve the way we farm; install irrigation or buy insurance.  The same logic applies to low commodity prices; we have to focus on what we can control:  giving ourselves the best chance at the highest possible bushels per acre.

At the very least, in 2016, you need to make sure that your Equipment Dealer is helping you optimize the equipment you have already paid for, to maximize the potential of every acre.  The equipment from 21st Century has technology built in to make you more efficient and ultimately, save you money.  Are you having conversations with your dealer about horse power utilization, fuel consumption, data management, planter health, logistics and labor management, or input savings via variable rate technology like Row CommandTM?

You only want to put seed in the ground once, and if it’s not done right, it could risk your opportunity to have a profitable year.  Everything in 2016 hinges on your planter’s condition.  Every seed counts.  Call your Parts Team or Service Manager at 21st Century to come out and walk around your planter with you.  If you can’t reach them, make sure you reach out to your Salesman, Store Manager, ISG Consultant, and we will make sure someone will come out and go over your planter with you.  Our basic walk-around inspection is FREE.

Let us help you get everything you have paid for out of the most efficient and tectonically advanced equipment ever built.  Control your technology and control your bottom line.

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