Introducing Green Iron

Dec 11, 2017, 12:54 PM

It’s that time of year when many customers are considering either trading in equipment—or purchasing something used.   At 21st Century Equipment, we have used-equipment remarketing professionals dedicated to helping our sales staff establish a fair value for used equipment throughout our dealer network.

The value of pre-owned equipment is determined by a variety of market-based factors—the number of similar units we have on hand, the number of units available nationally, the current market price for the equipment, the potential market for reselling your trade-in locally or across the nation, etc.   Your salesman provides the remarketing team with details on your trade-in—hours, condition, recent reconditioning, etc.—as well as quality photos.  All of these are very important to the valuation process.

Having a remarketing department ensures that we maintain a consistent approach to valuation and pricing across our entire dealership network.  As a result, you can be assured that you’re getting a competitive price whether you’re trading something in or buying something used. Additionally, our goal is to provide you with a proposed trade-in value for your equipment within 24 hours.

It all comes down to fairness. Whether you are trading equipment or purchasing a used piece, our goal is to provide a fair and competitive price.  We strive to keep a good inventory on hand so that we can provide our customers a great selection of competitively-priced equipment.

When you’re looking for used equipment, start with your local 21st Century Equipment dealer.   If we don’t have what you’re looking for in our extensive inventory across 15 locations, we have the connections and resources to search the entire nation.  In just 24 hours, we can have multiple options for you to consider.

The key to all of this is the salesperson and location manager at your local 21st Century Equipment dealership – the people you know and trust. They know you and your operation – and your equipment.  Your local dealership works in collaboration with our remarketing professionals to determine the ultimate marketability and value of used equipment.  It’s that kind of teamwork that ensures our customers get the right equipment at the right price.

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