Managing Customer Risk: Fixing Costs with Value Added Services

Dec 11, 2017, 13:00 PM

What if you could predict the future? What if you knew no matter what happened; what the outcome would be? How much easier would budgeting be? What if there was a way to completely fix the cost of machine ownership? Meaning, when you made your machine payment that was it. No worries about unexpected machine breakdown costs or, general machine maintenance cost. What if for 2 years all you had to worry about was the cost of your labor, fuel, and insurance?  What if I told you this exists and you don’t have to go to the land of gum drops and candy canes to find it? 21st Century Equipment has rolled out just such a program. You now have the opportunity to own a Used Machine with the perks of a New Machine!

With the current economic condition, knowing what costs are is more important now than ever. Budgeting for next year’s crop and securing operating lines of credit become easier when costs are fixed. In many cases, older used machines require higher maintenance cost and run the risk of catoptric failure that could cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair. When unexpected repair costs rear their ugly head, it could mean the difference between having a profitable year or not. 21st Century Equipment has created 21st Century Platinum Plus, a value-added service designed to fix the cost of used machine ownership.

For your operation, 21st Century Platinum Plus will guarantee uptime. The program will cover every cost of machine operation except fuel, labor, and insurance. If your covered machine has a failure, one of 21st Century’ Equipment’s highly trained service technicians will be there to get you going again moreover; all service calls to repair the machine are covered! Due to failure, if your machine is down for an extended amount of time a loaner machine is provided.  The covered machine will be inspected and refurbished, as needed, during the Priority Service Program. Each machine will be thoroughly inspected and repairs made to maximize machine performance and uptime. Even wear parts are covered!! Each covered machine will be serviced according to John Deere’s guidelines and service intervals found in the Machine Owner’s Manual. Each machine is eligible for switch over from crop-to-crop between harvest seasons. To maximize the efficiency of the machine, the owner/operator will have optimization training delivered to the farm.

21st Century Platinum Plus assures for the next 2 years your machine cost will be covered in one check.  Financial planning for the next 2 years has gotten easier. For more details or to see what machines qualify for the 21st Century Platinum Plus please stop by or call your local 21st Century Equipment location. For those that work the land and are looking to maximize their productivity and profitability, 21st Century Equipment can help to empower your success.    

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