New Joint Partners

Dec 11, 2017, 12:59 PM

John Deere has formed a joint partnership with Hagie Manufacturing of Clarion, IA. The line of Hagie sprayers will bring opportunities for customers to obtain a machine with high clearance for late season applications. The Hagie machine line consists of three STS (single tank systems) and one DTS (Dual tank system).

The STS model line ranges from 1000-1600 gallon capacity machines. The dry weight for these machines range from 24,860- 29,250 lbs. The STS system has a quick attach configuration that would allow an operator to change the system within 10 minutes, allowing to drop the boom and go to a side dressing unit. The horsepower range for the STS lineup ranges from 300- 365 horsepower. boom widths range from 60-132’.

The DTS model is a low weight, 1000 gallon machine. The DTS10 can be configured with two boom size options from 80- 90’. The machine is equipped with a 225 horsepower engine. Dry weight of the machine is 18,500 lbs. The DTS (dual tank system) is setup with two 500 gallon tanks, one on each side of the machine and the system is all plumbed together to feed the solution pump.

The Hagie lineup consists of different load options, front, rear, and side loading capabilities. Like John Deere, the Hagie has a deluxe and a premium cab option. Hagie took safety to a high level from having a wash bay mounted on the cab to having a foot entrance to the cab to keep contamination out of the operator station.

The Hagie line was first brought to the industry in 1946 from Ray Hagie as a detassling unit. Ray Hagie started a seed company after college in 1944. He realized the need to produce a machine that would improve his operation. From there, he developed the equipment into a sprayer, and the concepts based around the machine have always been led with the intention to improve his farming operation and the machine took off from there.

With the joint venture between John Deere and Hagie, producers will have the ability to purchase Hagie equipment with fully integrated John Deere technology from the factory starting in 2018. The STS16 model will have the 365 horsepower John Deere 9.0L engine in the machine in 2017. The rest of the models will have the Cummins engine at least for that production year. For additional information or for answers when it comes to evaluating what line of sprayer (John Deere or Hagie) would fit your operation the best, contact your 21st Century Equipment Sales Representative. For additional information about Hagie Manufacturing, visit

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