New leasing options provide opportunity to upgrade affordably with used equipmentv

Dec 11, 2017, 12:55 PM

In challenging economic times, leasing might be just the thing to help lower your costs, leverage your equity, and upgrade your equipment portfolio.   At this point, leasing can also provide a number of tax advantages.  Unfortunately, the type and age of equipment that can be leased (rather than purchased on payments) has been pretty limited.

Your options for leased equipment are now vastly improved thanks to new programs offered by 21st Century Equipment.

When we purchased the Scottsbluff and Torrington locations at the first of the year, we also acquired the Panhandle Acceptance Corporation, which has given us—and our customers—incredible flexibility in terms of financing used equipment.  Thanks to this innovative new capability, we can now offer leasing programs on equipment that other lenders tend to avoid—older equipment, tillage equipment, etc.

As you consider purchasing or leasing used equipment from 21st Century Equipment, we urge you to think about more than the price tag or the payments. Just because a piece of equipment cost less to purchase doesn’t necessarily mean it costs less to operate.  Furthermore, investing just a bit more initially might get you technology, efficiency and performance that can save you bigger dollars in the future.

An $2,000 to $3,000 increase in payments could save you two to three times that amount in terms of seed and chemical costs, fuel efficiency or other benefits.  For example, by trading your current planter for a newer pre-owned model with variable rate technology, you can save on seed costs while also improving your prospects for improved yields.

With 17 locations, we can help you find the used equipment you’re looking for—with the right features and technology and at the right price.   And now, we can help you even more with innovative leasing and financing that enables you to get even more for your money.

We have two people whose only job is to buy and sell equipment on the wholesale market.   If we don’t have the used equipment you need somewhere within our 17-store network, chances are we can find it within a matter of hours in our extensive network of nationwide connections—and have it on your farm within a matter of days.

Contact us today to learn more about the new leasing options available on used equipment.

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