Your Other Advisors Involved in Equipment Purchases.

Dec 11, 2017, 12:56 PM

At 21st Century Equipment, we want to be your first go-to source for new and pre-owned equipment.

But we know that are also a couple other advisors that are extremely important in helping you make an equipment purchase decision—your banker and your accountant.  Your banker will tell you whether or not you’ll have the money to spend.  Your accountant can give you guidance on the options to buy or lease, along with other tax implications of your purchase.

When your considering adding new equipment, it’s not just about spending $200K vs. $250K.  It’s about dollars per investment.   And there are a number of variables to consider.

Cash up front is certainly one consideration.  But what about the value of your investment at the end of ownership?  What about cost of ownership while you have that equipment?  What offers a better return: A 10-year-old machine at a lower cost? Or a 3-year-old piece of equipment that initially costs more?

These are conversations to have with your advisors—and then with us.  Once your banker gives you the green light (and here at John Deere we love “green” lights!)—and your accountant tells you whether buying or leasing is your best option—then we can tailor the equipment and the financing package to meet your objectives.

With seventeen 21st Century locations and our nationwide connections, we’re almost certain to find the equipment you want—the right type, the right options, the right age and the right price.

One last word: It is definitely a buyer’s market on combines right now—especially on large late model machines.   That means you can get a good prices on a great combine.  Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll search our internal network and nationwide to help you put the right combine in your shed.

So talk with your banker and your accountant—and then come see us for a great deal and great financing on your new combine!

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