Having A Plan - The Platinum Plus Program

Aug 28, 2018, 14:44 PM

Controlling costs have never been as important as they are now. The past  five years have proven to be a challenging time for producers and the remainder of the year doesn’t look to be much easier. Raising interest rates, low commodity prices, and uncertainty with trade makes profitable hard without a plan. Having a plan revolves around understanding your costs. Equipment is a variable that is unpredictable but can be controlled.

21st Century has a program tailor made for controlling equipment cost and even better, it is designed for used equipment. When a machine is purchased and enrolled in the program, it will have a better than new warranty. Under the Platinum Plus Program each machine will have every aspect covered. This means every wear item. Break a belt, covered. Blow a hose, covered. Dead battery, covered. Service calls to repair in field, covered. Machine needs to serviced, covered. Two years from the time of purchase or 500 hours the machine is covered from weight bracket to PTO shaft or feeder house to chopper/spreader!

While under the Platinum Plus Program the only expenses will be labor, fuel, and insurance. So, outside of the aforementioned costs, your payment is the cost of ownership for the next two years or 500 hours. When planning for the upcoming year how would this program plan into your decision making process. Not having to worry about unexpected costs and other related surprises will help with understanding true breakeven cost and more importantly, profitable.

Right now the Platinum Plus Program cover tractors and combine with more equipment segments to come. For information about this program contact your local 21st Century Equipment Sales Professional.

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