Harvest Season 2018

Aug 28, 2018, 14:40 PM

I am excited to announce the fall harvest season is swiftly arriving.  Shorter days and longer nights are creeping in. Time to ride in the combine and watch the yield monitor climb and climb, we hope!  Our anticipation is that all of your planning, early mornings, and hard work provides a return on your investments. With the longer nights, what opportunities are presented to you?  Popcorn and a movie with the family or a friend I would offer, but how about in terms of data?

Data is collected on a large scale in almost all industries today.  When you are looking to purchase a new hunting rifle, what things help you with your decision – caliber, velocity, grain of bullet?  All of those things are tested, collected, and stored for each rifle. How about in the cattle industry – EPD’s, rate of gain, and carcass information – tested, collected, and stored.  I’m sure you can see where I’m heading with this one. What things on the farm can you test, collect, and store? Have you prepared for harvest by getting all of your setup data delivered to the combine before you need it?  Picking seed varieties can sometimes also be a bear to handle, but you have the power to test varieties on your own farm. Your variety information can be collected, sent to the cloud, and stored – from the planter and combine – using Wireless Data Transfer (WDT).  In the background, your data is translated into a viewable form in the John Deere Operations Center. These capabilities are powerful and critical to easily gain insight from analyzing details and issues from your farming operations. Furthermore, I encourage and challenge you to invest in different applications, products, and technologies which help create an ROI through data analysis and management change.

What does all this testing and data collection really mean to you?  IT MEANS OPPORTUNITY……you have the opportunity to make a change and become better.  You have the ability to analyze data within a free platform which John Deere provides with a simple login from any internet connected device.  In terms of this year’s harvest season, it can mean setting up a variety locator file with the click of a button for in-field observation. Again, using the power of the John Deere Operations Center and WDT, the setup builder tool within empowers you to create a variety locator file and send it wirelessly to the combine.  With your variety locator file loaded in the combine display and visible in the John Deere Connect Mobile App, you have the opportunity to accurately assess varieties in real-time to plan for next years’ purchasing decisions. This harvest opportunity only comes around once a year and that’s why we are excited to help you collect high-quality data and make decisions based on that information.

You all have variable performance areas in each field which is called spatial variability and translates to profitable and non-profitable regions.  The challenge we all face is managing the size of these areas and determining the primary factor(s) causing the performance variation. Spatial variability creates an opportunity to precisely prescribe an input Rx for the next years’ crop to address those factors.  More often than not – it is necessary to collect additional GIS layers like elevation, soil EC, aerial NDVI or NIR layers in addition to soil and/or tissue sampling in order to make an educated and quality Rx to allocate inputs. We want to help you with managing variability through solid agronomic decision support based on accurate data to put more grain in the tank, but more importantly – to put more money in the bank.

Challenges present opportunity in many different forms.  With the brisk harvest wind and the sight of your condensed breath of air just around the corner, what opportunities present themselves in your operation?  The opportunity to leverage the John Deere Operations Center with the naturally occurring longer nights is here. I challenge you to get your phone, iPad, or computer out before or after the popcorn-eating movie night and analyze a data set you have collected.  You never know what you might discover. If you realize that data is important, but you need assistance collecting, storing, analyzing, or making decisions from it – WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!

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