Sponsorship Requests

21st Century Equipment is committed to the development, growth and support of the communities within our trade region. As a locally owned preeminent agricultural solutions provider, we understand the value of supporting organizations that contribute to making these communities a great place for our customers and employees families to live, work, play and have fun. We are accountable to our customers, employees, communities, stakeholders and our environment. We pride ourselves in providing not only monetary donations but also in-kind services and labor.

Funding requests will be giving priority to the following organizations or events:

  • Youth organizations and activities that foster commitment to education and agriculture
  • Agricultural activities associated with our core business values
  • Community events and organizations (Excluding public entities)
  • Customer and employee sponsorships

An online application for donations or sponsorships must be submitted 2 weeks prior to your event. Our selection committee will review the application and contact you.

Although we would like to support all requests, we will be limited to our company values and annual promotions budget. This application does not guarantee a funding donation.

Thank you for including 21st Century Equipment in your event and for the opportunity to serve our communities.