Diesel Exhaust Fluid

John Deere Diesel Exhaust Fluid is a high purity liquid injected into the exhaust system of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) engines. John Deere Diesel Exhaust Fluid provides the essential chemical component required by SCR systems to remove nitrogen oxides (NOx) from diesel engine exhaust. It is recommended for all low emission engines using SCR technologies, including heavy-duty off-road applications, as well as lighter-duty applications including, on-road vehicles and automobiles. Maintaining the purity of DEF is important to avoid malfunctions in the SCR system. John Deere Diesel Exhaust Fluid is certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) for diesel exhaust fluid and is manufactured to specifications defined by John Deere and ISO 22241.

Quality product is imperative to maintaining an effective SCR system and avoiding non-compliance or component failure. Follow these tips for best results: – John Deere Diesel Exhaust Fluid is compatible with all engines using selective catalytic reduction aftertreatment technology – Always store in sealed containers and out of extreme temperatures – When stored properly, expect a shelf life comparable to oils and coolants – Purchase in amounts that can be used in a reasonable amount of time – Only use approved compatible equipment when handling DEF – DEF is crystal clear with a light ammonia smell. It should not be used if cloudy, has a colored tint, or a profound ammonia smell – Never add DEF to the diesel tank – The machine fill cap is blue with a DEF symbol (highlighted here):

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John Deere Diesel Exhaust Fluid is compatible with all engines using Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) after-treatment technology. This includes John Deere engines and equipment, off-road and stationary equipment, on-road trucks, and automobiles. John Deere Diesel Exhaust Fluid may also be used in marine applications specifying 32.5% urea concentration.


  • Convenient container sizes
  • Translucent containers to monitor fluid levels
  • Dispense nozzle include with each jug
  • Drums are outfitted with 2” bung opening for direct pump insertion or closed-system dispensing valve and drop tube installation
  • Totes include integrated closed-system dispensing valve and drop tube
  • Two popular tote sizes to match your operation
    • -1041 l (275 gal.)…………. @ 1,193 kg (2,630 lbs.)
    • -1249 l (330 gal.)…………. @ 1,429 kg (3,150 lbs.)
  • Fork-lift tubes beneath tote cage for ease in handling – ISO 22241 compliant for diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) handling procedures
  • American Petroleum Institute (API) certified