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2017 Wrap up

Dec 11, 2017, 13:34 PM

It is very hard to believe that we are wrapping up 2017.  Many would agree that this is a year to put behind us.  As we work to further develop our businesses during what could be another challenging year for Ag folks, we have to wrap up 2017 and enter 2018 with the best possible start.  What that means for each of our businesses and operations differs,  but one thing is the same,  the fact that we have to begin to close up the books, recognize our profits and/or losses and get prepared to go to the bank.  Annual reviews are a fundamental part of our relationship with our financial institutions, and it is an area that we all could be more prepared for.  The better we understand our own situation; what our strengths and weaknesses are, our fixed versus variable costs, and what our equity is, the easier and more productive our conversations with our bankers will be.     

21st Century Equipment partnered with 21st Century Leasing is here to help.  Our sales professionals are eager to help you establish some values on your fleet.  We continue to see growers updating equipment, while freeing up cash flow.   The tools we have available enable us to offer lower payments than some growers are currently committed to.  Give us a jingle or stop in to one of our 16 locations and we will be right out to get some pictures and conduct good evaluations.  Not only will you be able to better understand your values, you will also be able to determine the efficiency of your equipment and the possibility for potential upgrades.  Speaking of upgrades, this is the time of year to look over your fleet and determine if something needs to be upgraded.  Leasing is here to help make that happen.  We have a variety of operating leases that we offer on 100% of our inventory.  Most all of our equipment can make it to your farm with as little as 10% down on a signed, 5 year lease.  Give us a call and let us help improve your cash flow as well as get you in to equipment that will increase your efficiencies and ultimately, margins.  We have a wide array of products and services here to assist you in your operation and truly want to be a part of your success.   Stop in and visit with one of our Sales Professionals, or drop me a note at [email protected].  We are thankful and greatly appreciate your business.  
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