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Elevate your understanding of true cost of machinery ownership & operation

Dec 11, 2017, 12:38 PM

Fall is upon us and there seems to be a lot on producers’ plates this year; even more so than normal. Our farming environment has changed very quickly and we all are experiencing the stress of these changes and how they affect our income and our balance sheets.

Stay positive folks as you feed and fuel the world; we are all reliant upon you.

In my previous article, I challenged you to pencil down a few things. Most importantly I asked you to pencil out your machinery costs on a per acre and per hour basis. I also asked that you separate out what is the cost of the iron and what is the cost to operate it. Now this is where we can really help. bring in your scratch paper to your local 21st Century Sales Professional, and also bring in a list of loans that you have against equipment. Through many of our finance options, we have been very successful at not only saving producers $$, but also getting them in to the equipment that they need for their operation going forward. Here are a few examples of how:

  • Converting loans to less expensive leases
  • Trading equipment that has high operating costs for more efficient machinery
  • Using equitable trades as advanced lease payments
  • Minimum down programs with delayed advanced payments
  • Flexible payment terms to fit your cash flow cycle

Purchasing, leasing, and upgrading equipment cannot be looked at solely as a use of If you are able to bring down your machinery costs by leasing (and you can), you are able to make the necessary changes to keep your operation moving in to the future and focus on the return on your equipment versus the cost. How we do it? We look at every piece of equipment that you use and what it provides in return to your operation. If we know what your p/hour costs are and p/acre costs are, we can structure finance options to bring down those costs all while upgrading your equipment and efficiency. We have also been very successful at finding those items that don’t provide a return, and trading them in for equipment that fits your changing operation and provides a return on the investment. It really is that simple. Our business is matching your cash flow abilities with equipment that fits. With our large line of new and used inventory as well as our connections in the market, it is a guarantee that we will be able to find the piece that fits your operation and budget.

You will see that we are running a “lease special” right now. For 30 days we have selected 20 planters that we will offer $1,000 down and the balance of the advanced payment in March. We want to help your cash flow and help you be prepared in Spring to know that when the weather is right, you will be planting and not trying to upgrade

at the last minute. This program includes a free inspection on the planter and a reconditioning budget established for every unit. Stop in   to see your local sales professional to take  a look at the list of the qualified units. better act fast, though! These won’t last long and the offer expires October 30, 2016.

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