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The Power of In-House Financing… Let’s Git ‘Er Done

Dec 11, 2017, 12:35 PM

Farming and ranching are definitely presenting us with plenty of challenges of late.  The weather won’t cooperate and yet again, we are staring down another cash flow challenge as our planting window is getting smaller and smaller with every drop of rain we get.  I don’t need to share any more negativity than we have seen so I am going to shine some light on great opportunities that we are seeing in the house.  As you have been reading in prior publications, we offer an outstanding in-house lease product.  As the environment both outside and financially have changed in the past 12 months,  leasing has come back as a very viable option to get you the equipment you need to get the job done and stay ahead.

If you think this is a long, drawn out process, think again – this can happen fast!

I want to share a great example of just how fast a recent deal was put together, helping out a farmer in a pinch:.

Monday 8:08 a.m. – Receive a call from a salesman in one of our Colorado stores.  His customer had traded a 12-row planter for a 24-row last fall and was concerned with the rain that they wouldn’t get planted.  We still had the customer’s 12-row in inventory.

Monday 8:12 a.m. – I provided the salesman with a few leasing options on the planter

Monday 8:24 a.m. – The customer called his CPA and the CPA said that it would be a great idea to lease the 2nd planter as he could use the payment as a tax write-off.

Monday 8:44 a.m. – Documents arrived via the printer in the salesman’s office.  The customer signed the lease.

Monday 9:15 a.m. – The customer was planting a small section along-side his son in the 24-row planter.

Elapsed Time: 1 hour, 7 minutes.

Of course not every deal happens this fast, but you get the idea. Not only does a lease make sense financially, it also can save you in a pinch.

Allowing the equipment to pay for itself and then some is more than just good business sense.  With our in-house leasing capability, there is no need for the back -nd-forth with a third party lender.  We make the decision and work with you to make the payment fit your budget.  We have the inventory and ability to get you what you need and out the door the same day—if not the same hour.  Do yourself a favor and let the professionals at 21st Century Equipment do what they do best: Find you great equipment at a price you can afford.

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