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Your Strategic Partner

Dec 11, 2017, 12:37 PM

One of my most vivid memories of a “ride along” took place late one evening in 1980. The sun was just about to disappear under the horizon—and I was helping my grandfather apply anyhydrous. “Just one more pass,” he said.

Then it happened.

Grandpa was suddenly wrapping my head with a shirt and handing me off to the farmhand to make a run for the house. A hose on the anhydrous tank had burst and the liquid was quickly turning to deadly gas. Grandpa, face covered, ran to shut off the valve and save us all from harm. To me, he was Superman—running into the face of danger and bravely resolving another threatening situation.

Everything ended up fine. But 30 years later, I still vividly remember that night, as well as many others on that farm. Those passes on the tractor. Driving three-wheelers to set tubes with the cousins. Branding cattle with close friends. And the many near misses and unique scenes that anyone who grew up on a farm remember and hold close.

Many of us who have chosen a career in agriculture typically made that decision at a young age. And though we love farming, we may not have had the opportunity or option to become a farmer. But the passion for agriculture is there—and that leads us to careers that keep us part of farming.

That’s what I see with everyone I work with at 21st Century Equipment. Regardless of their jobs, they have each chosen this industry because this is where they want to be. Close to farming—and close to farmers.

And they have chosen 21st Century Equipment because it’s a company that takes great pride in working with the best farmers in the world—and becoming a strategic partner in their success.

Now, back to the “ride along.”

Your equipment specialist, your ISG consultant, your service tech and even your leasing agent would love the opportunity to ride along with you in the field. To learn more about your operation, your strategy, your vision for your farm and your future.

We have an amazing team approach focused on helping you solve problems, leverage new opportunities and position yourself for even greater success. The more we learn from you, the more we can add value to your operation.

Call your 21st Century Equipment representative and extend an invitation for a ride along. You’ll quickly discover that when it comes to being your strategic partner, we’re not just along for the ride.

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