Certified Pre-Owned


Don’t you wish you could buy a piece of pre-owned equipment and not have to worry about having to cough up for repairs if something goes wrong shortly thereafter?

Good news: That’s exactly what you get with the Certified Pre-Owned program (CPO) from 21st Century Equipment. You get the John Deere equipment you want at a competitive price—with the full Comprehensive PowerGuard protection plan that comes with new John Deere equipment.

When it comes to putting equipment into our Certified Pre-Owned program, we’re pretty picky—because we know you are, too.

8R/8RT and 4WD tractors that quality for CPO must be three years old or newer and cannot have more than 1500 engine hours. Combines can’t be more than two years old and must be under 1000 engine hours. 

We’ve just added Certified Pre-Owned sprayers to our line-up as well. Like combines, this equipment must be two years old or newer—and have a maximum of 1000 engine hours.

Every piece of equipment undergoes a full-blown, top-to-bottom inspection by our highly trained John Deere technicians. Every tractor is subject to a 170-point inspection; combines and sprayers involve 200-point inspections. We don’t miss anything.

A full fluid scan analysis is done on all equipment to identify any potential wear conditions that could be problematic. Engine oil, filters and fluids are all replaced.

When we’re finished, we tack on one year of the same warranty you would receive if you bought the equipment new.

One more benefit: Most of the equipment we have on our Certified Pre-Owned program is equipment we sold. So we know the equipment—and we know the previous owners. And we can even put you in touch with the previous owner if you wish.

As you can imagine, Certified Pre-Owned inventory fluctuates with the season and the amount of trade-ins we get. If you have a piece of equipment in mind, let us know and we’ll notify you if one comes on the lot at one of our 17 locations. And that’s another good thing: With 17 locations, you have a larger inventory from which to choose and more opportunity to find exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking to improve your ROI, check out CPO from 21st Century Equipment.

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