Bulk Oil Program


Why Bulk Oil?

Two words: convenience and savings. Less time spent handling oil means more time for you to get the job done. And of course, buying in bulk means savings to you. It just makes sense!

If your using more than 2 drums of oil a year than our bulk oil program may be a good solution for you.

Delivered Right – To You

John Deere oils are formulated for heavy duty agricultural applications. John Deere Plus 50 II engine oil meets the highest API CK4 rating which makes it great in other diesel engines too. It will protect your engine and keep it running cleaner and smoother no matter what color of equipment. And, you can stop throwing out clean engine oil! John Deere engine oil has the ability to extend your current service intervals saving both time and materials.

The 21st Century Equipment Bulk Oil Program is proud to offer these John Deere oil products. Click these links for more.

Getting Started

The 21st Century Equipment Bulk Oil program offers FREE delivery throughout our operating area on a monthly basis.*

We offer different tank assemblies, reels and pump options. Our most popular set is the two stackable 120-gallon tanks with a stand for $200.

Ask our local Parts Departments for details or to enroll in the Bulk Oil Program.

*21st Century Equipment reserves the right to limit bulk oil service to customers within our area of responsibility. To see if you’re eligible, contact your local 21st Century Equipment dealership parts representative to check availability of this service in your area or call Devin Nagle at our Sterling, CO location at 970-522-6697 ext. 7-1212.