Strategic Philosophy



Our work with you truly is a partnership. You depend on us to provide the expertise and insight to make the most of your technology investment. At the same time, we depend on you to share critical and confidential information about your operation and your objectives—and to do some of the legwork needed to make big data work for you.

We work hard to earn your trust and confidence. We strive for a collaborative, cooperative relationship that allows both of us to share, challenge and educate. The end game is helping you transform technology and data into informed decision-making and, ultimately, lower risk and high profitability. We call this agronomic decision support (ADS).

We’d much rather help you make the most of your technology investment by ensuring that you’re getting the right information, analyzing it properly, and then using that information to make wise decisions that impact your bottom line. It’s beyond precision agriculture—it’s decision agriculture.

Precision technology helps you know more about your farm than ever before. Count on us to help you not only know your farm better, but understand how to use that knowledge to make you even more competitive.


Every farm—and every farmer—is different, with different challenges and different objectives. There is no one “cookie cutter” solution to leveraging technology and data. So we take the time to learn your operation, your challenges and your opportunities.

And it’s not just our ISG team members making it happen. Everyone at 21st Century Equipment is engaged to some degree in Developing Solutions and Delivering Success.

One more thing: Before you invest in upgrading to the latest and greatest technology, let’s first look at whether you’re getting the most out of what you already have. One more bell or whistle may not be cause enough to put a new piece of hardware into your operation, especially if it’s not contributing further to your ROI


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