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You can only manage what you can measure.  That’s a fundamental principle in business—and especially in the business of farming.

Having good information and accurate data is critical to gaining even greater control over what happens on your farm—especially in terms of controlling input costs. The data you gather using your precision technology allow you to know—precisely—how your fields are performing.  And that makes for better decision making and improved return on investment.

You want to manage each field as a separate “enterprise”—utilizing every resource and every bit of data you have about that specific field to get the most out of it.  At the same time, you need to understand the true upside potential of each field.  Pinpoint the soil types in each field—and each area of the field—to determine how to manage those soils for optimal return.

In most cases, it makes more sense to push your best soils to build on the yield they are already producing, rather than invest a great deal in trying to improve production on poorer soils.  Variable rate fertilizer and seed technology allows you to pinpoint those productive soils with the right seed spacing and placement and the right fertilizer in the right amounts in the right location.   That’s efficiency—and it’s the path toward not only gaining greater control over yield, but your bottom line as well.

Finally, you have control over the technology in which you’ve invested.  Make sure it’s properly calibrated to ensure that the data you’re gathering is accurate and relevant.  Take some time to understand what that technology can do for you—the data it can gather, the reports it can generate, the power it can have over your profitability.  Your local ISG specialist can help you make even more of the technology you already have.  You might be thinking about an upgrade, when what you already have may offer more capability than you realize.

The technology available to you today is incredibly powerful and robust.   But behind all the bells and whistles, the true benefit it offers is the opportunity to manage your operation—and measure your success.  That level of control is especially important in today’s challenging marketplace.