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Health, security, success, and profitability are defining words of prosperity. The USDA concludes, nationwide, the number of farms has decreased in 2016. Nebraska & Colorado followed this trend as well resulting in 300 fewer farms in Nebraska and 400 fewer in Colorado. Wyoming was reported as holding constant in the number of farms. Our goal and responsibility at 21st Century Equipment, is to keep every operation running as a fine tuned machine.

As you know, net farm income and working capital are both vital for keeping your operation
in tune, and are influenced by commodity prices, productivity, and costs. We can control
productivity and cost, but unfortunately not commodity prices. Being proactive in 2017 will
enable us mutually to become more productive. If we focus on what we can control, we can help you be more successful. Here are just a few examples of how we can help you prepare to be the most productive you can possibly be when it’s time to hit the field:
• Properly setup data in your displays. Doing so prior to field work, can
save time now AND later.
• Update your displays, receivers, and controllers prior to field work.
• Precise and accurate machine set-up and measurements allow us to
capture accurate data.
• Accurate data collected today will help us make confident management
decisions in the future.

Your time is extremely valuable. How you spend your time greatly depends on how well you
plan. Utilizing the technology on your planter, sprayer, and combine may allow us to cut input
costs this year, and in the future.

The mutual focus, between John Deere and 21st Century Equipment, regarding technology, is
to reduce cost per bushel, to increase profitability, or get the most productivity for each dollar
spent. Seeding and fertilizer prescriptions may allow us to cut input costs, boost productivity,
or increase profitability. Utilizing JD LinkTM can help you optimize your machines today, and
accurately plan for future purchases. JD LinkTM gives us the ability to fine tune your machine
and plan for each task before it is completed. Here are a fews ways to optimize your equipment:
• Properly setup data in your displays. Doing so prior to field work, can
save time now AND later.
• Proper SCV set-up can save oil flow and horse power.
• Proper tire pressure and ballasting in your tractors can have a positive
impact on wheel slip and compaction during the completion of a field

Technology that John Deere provides enables us to make quick moves, and the right moves,
driven by data. We are here to have those critical conversations with you. We will listen and
support you. Managing every factor of production to the single digit is on the forefront for
growing prosperity.

Your long-term sustainability on the farm is one of 21st Century’s keys
to success. We don’t win, unless you win. What is your next move to
become more sustainable? How will you push the next generation to
become more productive and assure their long-term viability? Investing
in your next “CEO” today will put your operation in the position to be
successful in the future. The next CEO may be a leader in seed corn
genetics, drone technology, herbicide engineering, or cattle breeding

The take-home point – stay engaged, keep pushing forward, and you
will be successful and grow prosperity. When everything matters, you
try to do everything right. 21st Century Equipment only wins if our
customers win so we’re committed to always doing the right thing
for your operation.

Aaron Ogden
21st Century Equipment
Alliance/Gordon, NE
Integrated Solutions Consultant