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The farming industry has become painfully aware of input costs and commodity prices in the last year. With falling commodity prices and relatively stable input costs, you as the grower have had to stretch every dollar and really pay attention to your ROI. With this year’s input costs already in the books it is time to turn to your yield maps as one measure to see how you did.

It has been said that you cannot manage what you don’t measure. Quality yield maps are key to a solid foundation for both this year and the years to come. You can rely on your ISG consultant to give you guidance on how to acquire accurate data and show you tools to analyze and manage your data in order to execute solid improvements. Maximizing the use of the John Deere Operations Center, Wireless Data Transfer, and Harvest Mobile gives you the ability to view your yield maps quickly and begin to make next year’s decisions before harvest is over. Sharing your yield maps with your local ISG consultant or 3rd party advisor through the John Deere Operations Center will allow us to help you with analyzing and interpreting the maps. Faster analysis leads to faster decisions and allows you to be ready for next year’s commitments – which are being asked for earlier and earlier in the year.

As we examine field variability from last year, it is time to look forward to next year. Last year’s variability can be explained through a host of factors – weather, soil, fertility, emergence, pest and disease pressure, etc. Some of those factors can be managed and others are at the mercy of a higher power. One variability management tool 21st Century Equipment offers is electrical conductivity or EC. EC is the data we use to define soil characteristics and transitions. The data   we can derive will aid you in creating variable rate prescription applications, determining probe placement, creating soil sampling zones, and becoming a better manager of your ground.

Another way to manage variability is through prescriptions. Prescriptions allow us to address the variability in each field because we are able to adjust seeding, fertilizer, and water rates for each soil type, elevation change, magnesium spot, etc. At 21st Century Equipment we have the expertise to help you move away from a field by field approach and move to a site specific approach so we can raise the overall productivity and efficiency of each acre of your farming operation.

We know land is a finite resource and in order to increase outputs we need to be more efficient with each acre of land we have. Through management of every inch of your farm you have the potential to increase grain production, reduce inputs, and promote the health of your soil. This in turn will add to

your bottom line and help your farm to be passed on to the next generation. Your success will lead to your ability to continue to have a positive impact on your family, your farm, and your community. To find out more about the services in this article and other services we offer, see your local Integrated Solutions Consultant. It is our passion to develop a solution for your farm that will deliver success to you for years to come.