ISG News

Recent press and trade publications have been cautioning differential correction signal users of an upcoming potential issue caused by the way in which date/time stamping is sent to GPS receivers. Date information is transmitted to receivers in a 10-digit code that includes a “week number .” The maximum week number is set at “1024” and will be reached on 06/07 April 2019, after which the sequencing will be reset to “0000”.

Impact to StarFire™ Receivers

The John Deere localization team has conducted testing and determined that the following John Deere receivers will not be affected by the GPS Week Rollover issue.

● StarFire 6000

● StarFire 3000

● StarFire 300

● StarFire iTC

● Gen 2 Receiver


If you are using other brands of GPS receivers and differential correction signals,

you should counsel them to have conversations with the manufacturer of that equipment to

determine if they are at risk.