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Nowhere has innovation in agriculture elevated performance to a greater degree than the advent of precision technology.   The impact of guidance, variable rate systems, telemetry, soil moisture monitors, RTK and big data have dramatically changed the way growers grow—and their ability to improve yields with fewer inputs.

The adoption of this technology has been rapid, but this year’s challenging marketplace has caused many customers to focus less on buying new technology and more on optimizing the technology they already have on board.   So let’s talk about ways to make the most of the investment you’ve made.

Now that planting is complete, it’s time to transfer your planting data from your in-cab technology into Apex or the new John Deere Operations Center if you didn’t take advantage of wireless data transfer.  Planting data is invaluable for many reasons, including its use in field scouting.  Another reason it’s critical is to verify your seeding rate against the actual stand as your crop emerges.   This helps you assess the performance of your planter as well as that of your chosen variety.  This analysis can also help you determine if replanting is necessary.

Managing your planting data now helps you correct any errors that occurred while they are still fresh in your mind—a mislabeled variety, for example.  It is imperative that your planting data be as clean and accurate as possible.  Having good data now means you have the best data at harvest, when you’ll be looking at the report card for your operation and making important management decisions for next year.

Now that the crop is in the ground, the next challenge is fertilizing.  Given the cool wet spring and the amount of moisture in the soil, fertilizing through the pivot may not be the best choice.  That means you might find yourself doing a traditional sidedress application.

Variable rate fertility is an innovation that elevates your ability to use the right amount of nutrients in the right place at the right time.  Variable rate fertilizer pumps and a Greenstar™ rate controller, used in conjunction with a tool bar or coulter, ensure accurate application of fertilizer prescriptions—something that is not easily done with traditional fertigation.

Your local 21st Century Equipment ISG Consultant is always available to assist you.  Whether it’s setting up your variable rate fertilizer system or double-checking your planting data, we’re here to make certain you get the most out of your technology investment every day.