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We’ve all seen the TV coverage of people lined up at the Apple store before dawn to get the newest version of the iPhone.   Do you ever wonder how many of those people are simply out to be the first to get what’s new—and how many actually are using the full capabilities of the iPhones they already own?

To me, this is a good reminder to all of us in agriculture as we work with the incredible new technologies we have at our disposal.

Yes, there are new capabilities that have been recently added that can be incredibly helpful if you decide to upgrade to the latest and greatest.  For example, wireless data transfer is relatively new—allowing you to manage data from your office or home without running from cab to cab with a USB drive.   Wireless transfer also reduces the chances of losing data before it’s captured.

But before you invest in the newest, we need to make certain that the data you’re managing wirelessly is the best it can be.  That means making the most of the precision technology you may already have in hand.

Are you leveraging your technology to create prescriptions for your fields?  Are you taking the time to ensure your equipment is properly calibrated for the task you’re doing—planting, seeding, or fertilizer application?  Are your tractors set up with the right dimensions and offsets?   Is your data clean and accurate?  Are you not only gathering data, but using it to your greatest advantage to manage your operation and make “precision decisions”?

All of these metrics and more likely already exist in the technology you have and it all can help you manage more profitably. Your local Integrated Solutions Group (ISG) consultant is dedicated to discovering your objectives and goals for your operation—and then levering the technology you have to help you achieve them.

We can help you make sure you’re using the right technology to get the right data and the right results.   We can help you analyze that data to get the answers you want—and probably get answers to questions you didn’t even know you had!

If you haven’t made the move to precision technology in your operation, today’s regulatory environment, the new Farm Bill programs and tough commodity prices make the case for technology even more compelling.  Better management, better information and better decision making are critical to compliance, risk management and profitability.

Start by talking with your local Integrated Solutions Group consultant at 21st Century Equipment.  But consider talking with the other advisers you count on as well—your seed provider, your fertilizer and chemical dealer, your agronomist.   Learn more about how they might be able to take more and better information from your operation and use it to save you money or improve your yields.

Regardless of your place along the curve, technology helps everyone related to your farm help you.

So when it comes to technology, it’s not as much about keeping up with the Joneses as it is about keeping up with what’s happening on your farm—and getting the greatest return on the investment you’ve already made.