ISG News

Today you can know more about your farm than ever before.  You can manage down to the inch—or less.  You can gather information and data that you can leverage to improve efficiency, increase yield and lower costs.  There is no question that precision agriculture technology has changed farming forever.

The Integrated Solutions Group (ISG) at 21st Century Equipment helps keep your farm on the leading edge with EC soil mapping, soil moisture monitoring, big data analysis and other technologies and services that help you unearth greater profitability by managing in ever smaller increments.

But in the end, it comes down to working with people you trust.  Having a collaborative working relationship with professionals with whom you feel comfortable sharing your data, your operation’s inner workings and your vision for your farm is vitally important.

It’s that partnership that we strive for within the ISG team.  It means a great deal to us that you’re willing to share the details of your business operation with us—and that you have the confidence in us to help you make important decisions impacting your future.

The entire ISG team is dedicated to staying current with the newest technology and newest thinking about precision agriculture.  It’s the only way we can make sure we’re bringing you the best analysis and recommendations for your specific operation.

But you are an integral part of the team.   We need your engagement and commitment with respect to information and data.  And we need your ideas and your insight, because nobody knows your operation like you do.

It’s also important to note that the Integrated Solutions Group is a member of the entire 21st Century Equipment team.   What we do is just one component of Making Farming Easier.   The technology and equipment you purchase from your salesperson gathers the data and implements the management strategies we create with you.  Parts and service personnel keep that equipment and technology on the job so you can enjoy the full advantage of the investment you’ve made.  The rest of the staff supports all of us—allowing the ISG team to keep its focus squarely on the producers we serve with agronomic decision support solutions.

The Integrated Solutions Group at 21st Century Equipment is a team dedicated to transforming today’s technology into a better bottom line for our customers.

But we can’t spell “success” without “you.”