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Technology is supposed to make life simpler.  And in the case of (MyJD), that’s absolutely the case.

With MyJD (My John Deere), managing and transferring data and agronomic information is simpler than ever before.  MyJD is considerably more friendly—simpler—than its predecessor.  The Operations Center integrated with MyJD acts as a central hub, making it simpler to view, transmit and share information.

Upgrading to MyJD is actually easier than switching from a flip phone to a smartphone.   Setting up a user name, password and validating email are all it takes to get started.   It can be helpful if your ISG professional is there for the initial set-up to ensure that all your data is clean and correct—and that your active JDLink vehicles are set up properly and equipped with the right information.

You can be assured that every piece of equipment on every field—regardless of who’s operating it—is using the correct data and the correct prescriptions.  That peace of mind and confidence are invaluable.

All data is cloud-based and secure, so it’s available to you (and to your third-party partners) anywhere at anytime.   You can share as much information as you want with your 21st Century Equipment ISG professional, your agronomist, your seed dealer, your fertilizer dealer, your crop insurance agent and others.  You and your partners can get to it whenever they need it, so you don’t have to set up individual meetings with all of them.  And you don’t have to bother with the old way of getting the data to the equipment using countless USD drives; it’s all handled wirelessly from the MyJD Operations Center.

Accessibility is a powerful tool. Example:  Recently I was 1800 miles away from home, but was still able to put together correct field information into a setup file for customer, send it wirelessly to the tractor, and have the equipment ready to use later that day when he was ready to start tilling.  It just took a few simple steps through MyJD, and the customer didn’t have to do a thing.

Now that’s simple.

Now is the perfect time to put together your game plan for 2016—and part of the plan should be analyzing and organizing your data, and using it to plan your strategy for next year.  If you haven’t adopted MyJD in your operation, you should seriously consider doing so.  It’s great technology for simplifying the management of today’s volume of data and information—and leveraging that data into bottom line results for your farm.