ISG News

Nothing gives you a bigger picture of your operation than the “big data” that today’s technology generates.  But bigger is better only if that volume of information is transformed into sound decision making.   That’s the advisory role that our Integrated Solutions Group (ISG) plays in working with customers.

Our work with you truly is a partnership.   You depend on us to provide the expertise and insight to make the most of your technology investment.   At the same time, we depend on you to share critical and confidential information about your operation and your objectives—and to do some of the legwork needed to make big data work for you.

The key to managing big data starts when you set up your systems at the beginning of the year.    That means taking the time—up front—to enter the information that is critical to year-end analysis and planning.   Yes, it’s a bit tedious, but setting up your technology with the right information—hybrid numbers, soil maps, etc.—will make analysis much more efficient and accurate at the end of the year.

We can help you determine what you need to know at the end of the year, which dictates what you need to program into your system at the start of the year.   Knowing what answers you’re going to want after harvest guides the set-up of your technology at planting time.

Technology is also helping us help you—even when we’re not on the farm with you.  We can be connected with you (and your technology) remotely.   One touch of an iPad in our office or pickup miles away may fix a problem on your farm in a matter of minutes.  This technology is allowing our team to be even more responsive—and serve even more customers.

We have a two-fold challenge in the ISG team at 21st Century Equipment.  First and foremost:  Helping our customers leverage their investment in technology and data to their greatest benefit.   Managing, organizing and analyzing data—good data—is critical to squeezing efficiency and profitability out of every acre, and managing the small increments that lead to big results.   We’re up to the task.

The second challenge is internal:  Keeping our ISG team current with the latest innovations and getting ready for what’s next.   If you stop by our offices, it may look like we’re sitting there noodling on our computers.  But it’s a pretty good bet that, when we’re not analyzing a customer’s data, we’re researching the next big idea or new technology on the horizon.   And there’s plenty on the way:  cloud-based data storage and access, wireless data transfer, and new capabilities through My John Deere and other Deere innovations.

We see our job as not simply staying on top of technology, but staying ahead of it.  That’s the only way we can ensure that we’re living up to our commitment to help you manage risk and stay profitable and competitive.

All of us with the ISG team look forward to working with you in 2015—and we are excited to bring our expertise and insight to new customers in Scottsbluff and Torrington.