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Are you thinking about planting season yet?  As cold and snow has blanketed most of our area the last few months, it’s hard to believe we will be planting in about 90 days…..the clock is ticking.  From the time the combines stopped until now, most farmers have been focusing on reducing costs for next season. While some strategic cost cutting just makes good business sense; sometimes cost reduction can come at the expense of efficiency.  Real business value can be destroyed if it is approached purely as a cost cutting exercise. Have you thought about improving profitability through increased revenue instead of cost reduction? As you are running the calculator for 2018, consider the value of management decisions that have the ability to save time and money even if they are not directly in the form of inputs.  What if your operation could run more efficiently using technology tools and information?

How can you leverage your current technology and machinery to gain further efficiency? Could investing a little time and money on a prescription to allow planting the dryland corners in the same pass as the irrigated circle reduce the amount of time wasted in headland activities?  What about a prescription that optimizes the true potential of the seed and soil based off analyzed agronomic data to give you optimized yield and increased profitability? How about getting setup data, guidance lines, and field boundaries cleaned up now on your displays to save time or frustration later when you need to be in the field to hit a narrow agronomic time window?  Having organized setup data this upcoming season should be a goal for your operation and we are here to assist. Think about the things that seem to slow you down during planting…’s often times the little details that get overlooked and they have the ability stop the whole operation.  With the help of an ISG Consultant handling data management for your operation, you can focus on the big picture while we take care of the details.

There are also ways to utilize technology built in today’s machines (JDLink) to get data to and from the field without having to drive; thus saving time, cost, and potential errors. When setup data is thoroughly planned and delivery to machines is automated, the task usually gets done a lot faster and more efficiently.  Make sure the machines in your operation are taking full advantage of JDLink Connect functionality with an active subscription. Your operation has the ability to benefit from the following:

• Send and receive agronomic data from vehicle displays with Wireless Data Transfer (WDT)

• Observe and manage equipment settings and operators with Remote Display Access (RDA) – things like fuel efficiency, idle time, system temperatures, operating speed, and implement settings just to name a few

• Enable our dealership to provide more efficient service using ServiceADVISOR Remote (SAR) - technicians can have access to more information than what can be provided by the operator sitting in the tractor allowing quicker repair times and potentially having the right parts to make a repair when they arrive.

That’s just the tip of the efficiency iceberg that JDLink enables….. come into your local store if you would like to know more.

Another way 21st Century Equipment is helping farmers be more efficient is with water management.  Soil moisture probes have proven themselves as cost effective and reliable ways to monitor soil moisture and assist in water management – all with the ease of any internet connected device.  With adjusted pricing for the 2018 season, we are helping farmers make real-time agronomic decisions that can have an even greater positive return on investment in more of their fields.

The clock is running and now is a great time to talk to one of your local ISG Consultants to see how we can help you be more efficient in your operation.