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It has only been about 15 years or less since precision agriculture technology first found its way into tractor cabs.   Just after the turn of the century, we started using basic straight line guidance.  Boy, have things changed—and quickly.

When it comes to precision technology, the hardware has pretty much evolved to the point where improvements are incremental.   Now we’re getting on top of variable rate technology to improve efficiency in planting, fertilizing and spraying.  Pretty soon we’ll have real-time, row-by-row information available right in the cab.

Technology such as moisture probes is telling us that we had a lot to learn about irrigating—and what we’re learning is helping us save water and money.

So what’s next?  It’s all about leveraging this information to grow even more with even less.

Our role within the Integrated Solutions Group at 21st Century Equipment has changed over the years as well.   We still work with the hardware side—helping you get the technology connected and showing you how to use it.  But our greater focus is on managing the volumes of data being gathered—and then leveraging that information to help you better manage risk and increase efficiency and profitability.

All this data provides a very detailed report card for your fields.  But it’s all driven by your definition of success.   You decide what data you want to see—and our ISG team will make sure you get it.   And if you wish, we’ll help you analyze it, interpret it and use it in making sound, informed decisions about your operation.

So how can this technology help farmers meet the challenges of sustainability, stewardship and meeting global demand for food, feed, fuel and fiber?  It’s already happening.

Farmers who have adopted precision technology to the max have proven that it produces impressive results.  Better decision making.  Higher yields.  Lower input costs.  Reduced water usage.  Preservation of natural resources.   The ability to squeeze even more out of every acre of land and every drop of water—and do so responsibly.

But the real opportunity for agriculture to meet the challenge of feeding a growing world is for every farmer on every farm to employ precision technology and data-driven decision making.   Only then will we truly achieve the potential that lies on every acre of farmland.

Yes, the technology and the information are going to help us do all that.  But ultimately it’s people who will make it happen: talented, dedicated, intelligent producers and the team of trusted advisors and professionals they choose to help them.

At 21st Century Equipment, our ISG team is up to the task—and we look forward to working in partnership with you to as technology and agriculture evolve in the future.