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Everyone is familiar with the term “pre-plant.” But in this case, I’m not talking about soil preparation or fertility. I’m referring instead to the essential preparation work on equipment and technology that every farmer needs to do before pulling into the field with the planter.

At this time of year, every farmer is itching to start planting. But all that enthusiasm and energy can be quickly drained if you end up experiencing problems with equipment or technology—or discover too late that your data has not been prepared properly.

That’s why it’s important to meet with your 21st Century Equipment ISG Consultant and your 21st Century Equipment sales representative well ahead of planting to ensure that you are all set when the time comes. We’ll get your Row Command™ and Section Control™ set properly, check to make sure your starter or two-by-two fertilizer pumps are in working order, assist you with critical planter setting, and make sure all your technology, data and equipment are ready to begin the season.

Getting ready to plant is almost as important as planting itself. Having the confidence that you’ve prepared well in advance allows you to fully enjoy the great feeling of starting another growing season as you pull that planter into the field for the first time this spring.

After planting, your ISG Consultant will work with you to validate and verify that we did what we set out to do. It’s important to monitor our performance and progress at key milestones throughout the year to validate your prescriptions, planning and profit objectives.

John Deere Field Connect™ soil moisture probes may be the next step—going in around the time corn reaches the V2 stage for accurate placement and to monitor early season soil moisture conditions. This technology will help you manage precious water and energy costs in a challenging commodity market in which every dollar counts.

In today’s market, you need to extract every bit of value from every acre. You simply cannot afford to work on averages. That means you need to manage each acre individually. Soil type, soil texture, fertility, soil moisture, elevation, yield history—it all matters. And your 21st Century Equipment ISG Consultant is here to help you identify and capture value on every acre from planting to harvest.

Here’s wishing you a trouble-free planting time—and a great season.