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On 11 November a letter was sent to customers outlining the updates to the John Deere Operations Center Data Usage Agreement.  As a reminder, the Data Usage Agreement allows Operations Center users to opt-out of their data being included within anonymized datasets shared with third parties.  These changes will only impact customers that have opted out of Anonymized Machine/Production Data and have shared with their John Deere dealer or another partner via Team Manager.

Below is a copy of the customer letter

Dear valued customer,
We wanted to inform you of a change to our Data Usage agreement. Under the terms of that agreement, you have elected to opt-out of Anonymized Machine/Production Data for External Sharing. This agreement involved the following language: John Deere may anonymize data from your account and share it externally for benchmarking and other information services. If you decline, you may view your data in the Operations Center however, data in your account will not be included in anonymized data sets.
The revised Data Usage agreement allows a John Deere dealer access to information about your John Deere Operations Center Account, in the event you share your information with them through Team Manager in the Operations Center. If you do not share with a John Deere dealer, via Team Manager, then the following changes have no impact on you.
The agreement has been revised to the following: John Deere may include data from my account in anonymized reports, benchmarks, and datasets that it shares with third parties. These reports include benchmarking information that help operators maximize use or efficiency of John Deere equipment, and reports that help John Deere dealers actively support customers. I understand that if I opt out and I share data directly with a partner via Team Manager, then John Deere may continue to include my data in reports, benchmarks, and other anonymized datasets that it shares with that partner.


To view this directly please sign in to the John Deere Operations Center, and navigate to the Data Usage agreement via the following steps:

• Step 1: In the upper right-hand corner of the Operations Center, select Organization Name

• Step 2: Select “Organization Preferences” in drop-down

• Step 3: Select “Data Usage” and the policy terms will be visible, alongside the opt-out

If you have any questions, please stop in to one of our 16 locations and visit with a ISG Professional or your local Store Manager