Water Strategies


As we consider the importance of our natural water supply in the western high plains, it is readily apparent that agriculture does not function without it. Whether it is ground or surface sourced, utilization for urban or rural areas, municipal or agricultural applications, human or animal use, consumption or recharge, environmental or economic impact – it all revolves around one precious resource….water.

We believe strongly that conservation and prudent utilization of our water resource parallels other precision agriculture efforts aimed at increasing efficiency and profitability while being agronomically and environmentally sound. Incorporation of water into comprehensive production management plans for our producers on an annual and/or perennial basis is something we are poised to support.

Water management has been part of our business strategy since 2008 when we purchased the Imperial location and further emphasis was placed on it in 2010 when we made the commitment to our Water Technologies division. Whether through soil probe moisture monitoring, sub-surface drip irrigation, remote pivot monitoring and control, or variable rate pivot irrigation – we continue to provide solutions through equipment and services for our producer customers.

These solutions are integral in our ISG Team’s approach to overall agronomic decision support (ADS) offerings. Through analysis of data and incorporation of executable management plans tying water to management zones and other input variations like seed and fertilizer – it’s feasible to make comprehensive strategies a reality in each of your fields. We’re reaching toward solutions with ROI and conservation in mind. Recent history shows that we can produce more food and fiber with less water by leveraging technology and sensible stewardship to maximize the potential of each acre and each crop.

We’re committed to water management as a fundamental component of the overall solutions we provide for our customers.