Customer Technical Assistance Center


The Customer Technical Assistance Center (CTAC) is an additional resource for our customers to use to complement their local store personnel or ISG Consultant. In many cases, the CTAC staff may be able to resolve a customer’s technical issue faster than the local store because they are literally waiting by the phone to assist. They have the knowledge and the resources to troubleshoot common problems and if they are unable to resolve a problem or answer questions over the phone, they will work with the customer’s local store personnel or ISG Consultant to fully resolve the issue. When a customer calls CTAC – they may not always be speaking to someone from their local store, but they will be speaking to a 21st Century Equipment employee who is familiar with agricultural production in our region.

CTAC Specialists regularly assist customers from all 21st Century Equipment locations by using technology that is connected to all locations at all times and many vehicles while in the field. Our Customer Technical Assistance Center (CTAC) Specialists can answer your questions on a variety of topics, including:

  • General John Deere Vehicle/Implement Settings
  • Account Support
  • JDLink MTG Administrative Setup and Support
  • Assistance with JD Link Vehicle Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s)
  • John Deere Vehicle Setup, Performance/Utilization, and Support
  • Greenstar Activations and Renewals
  • Basic John Deere Guidance Support
  • Basic John Deere Documentation Support
  • Basic AMS/ISG Technology Support

To reach CTAC, dial 844.421.CTAC or when calling your local store, select option 2 for service and option 1 for technical assistance.

*If we do not have a customer support agreement on file, you may incur a fee to utilize our customer technical assistance center. 


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